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Our Process

Our Process: Services

Initial Consultation

We believe that jewelry is personal, and we make every piece to order.  As such, we first take the time to understand your goals and ideas. We help you understand what you need to know.

Friendly Handshake

In-Person Meeting

Education is the cornerstone of our approach. 

We present a variety of our hand-selected diamonds, while explaining you the 4Cs.  Select the diamond you find most beautiful.


Design & Manufacturing

After selecting the perfect diamond, we start to design and fabricate your ring. 

Each and every jewelry piece is made to order.  Our artisans will take your diamond and setting ideas and turn them into a masterpiece.

Start Designing Your Setting


Your new family heirloom is ready for pick up.

Setup a complimentary consultation

Get the Yes!

Exceeding Expectations

Start planning your proposal today
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